COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges to our global society and to the capacity of communities and wildlife to thrive. Widespread, heightened stress, anxiety and change are happening at an alarming rate. Such tensions can deeply erode individual and community capacity to constructively solve problems, transform conflict, and coexist peacefully – with other people and with wildlife. But these moments of crises can also be opportunities to come together, to bind and strengthen our ties, and to spur innovation as we realize the power of our shared humanity and the fragility of our shared vulnerability.

More than ever, individuals, teams, and organizations need strategic support to ensure their own needs are met and their capacity to engage constructively in conservation conflicts is high. More than ever we need to seize this moment of time, this global crisis, and turn it into an opportunity for positive, constructive change. That change won’t happen without explicit action and effort. And it won’t happen without our coming together in constructive, mutually supportive ways.

We at CPeace are here to support you as you navigate this new environment and the new challenges you will face. We also need your support. More on both below!

How CPeace can support you, your team, and your mission during this crisis:

We are expanding our existing Conservation Conflict Transformation (CCT) web-based services to meet your current needs and the needs of people and wildlife globally. We are also including both free and reduced-cost options for those facing financial hardships right now.

Public sessions will be announced via social media and our electronic mailing list. For private sessions, please contact us directly so we can custom-design our services to match your group and needs. Most sessions will be conducted via Zoom and will have limited space available. Note: Public sessions typically sell out quickly.

  • 1-2 hour introductory session on the fundamentals of CCT. Are you and your team new to CCT and wondering what this approach is and how this approach can help you in your work? Are you already practicing CCT but your team is wondering what this approach is all about? Are you not yet sure if this is the right strategy for you? These introductory sessions are a great way to build awareness and help you with your future decision-making!
    • Type: Public and private available. Fee, reduced-cost and free sessions available.
  • CCT Capacity and Strategy Sessions. Custom-designed work sessions to build your team’s capacity in CCT and provide strategic guidance to you, your team, and your project. These may range from a single 3-4 hour session to a series of sessions over several weeks. Do you already know you and your team need CCT capacity and guidance to make progress in your shared efforts toward coexistence or to turn a crisis into an opportunity for shared wins? Do you want to get your team aligned and working toward a cohesive, effective strategy for progress? This is the option for you!
    • Type: Private, fee sessions only.
  • Integrating CCT during a time of Crisis. How do you engage right now, during this crisis, to bridge the divide, improve intra-group and inter-group connection, capacity, collaboration and resilience? How do you ensure both people and wildlife can thrive, even long after this crisis is over? If these questions sounds familiar, this is the right session for you!
    • Type: Public and private sessions. Fee and reduced cost sessions available.
  • Community of Practice networking and support. Are you already a member of our community of practice and crave the support, connection and engagement of CPeace and your fellow CCT practitioners? Do you need a quick check-in to de-stress and re-group during this difficult time? Come join us for one of these deeply connecting sessions!
    • Type: Free and reduced cost sessions. CoP members only.
  • Strategic guidance in CCT. Are you already a CCT practitioner but you need some specific strategic guidance on the challenge of the day? Schedule a call so we can support your efforts! (Some limited options for non-CCT practitioners may be available as well. Contact us directly to explore options.)
    • Type: Private, fee sessions only.


“The web-based support that CPeace’s Francine Madden provided for our work in the Galapagos created the single biggest and most critical turning point in our organization’s ability to have full support of community and government to do critical ecological restoration on an inhabited island whose community was previously divided regarding proposed conservation actions – and because of CPeace’s efforts they are 100% behind the now-shared conservation and sustainable development efforts. We would never have come this far without Francine. It was the best investment we made in 15 years of work in the Galapagos. We have since engaged CPeace in additional web-based services for both internal and other external strategic guidance and every single time, the results have been incredibly transformative! We can’t recommend Francine and CPeace strongly enough!” – K. Campbell

“Our virtual capacity building and strategic guidance workshop with Francine was incredibly helpful, leading to critical insights for our team and concrete progress in our community. Francine asked thoughtful questions. She really took the time to listen to us and understand the community we are a part of and she did so with empathy and understanding for all sides in our conflict. In a short period of time, Francine was able to clearly articulate some of the hidden dynamics going on in our conflicts and guide our discussion toward a roadmap for success. As a result, we left our session well supported, empowered and capable of using the tools she shared to diffuse difficult situations and better engage with our community. Since then, we’ve made substantial progress on one of the most challenging and controversial conservation conflicts of our careers!

It was wonderfully productive, highly engaging and an incredibly worthwhile investment of our time and resources. We can’t recommend these sessions highly enough and we can’t wait for our next online session with Francine!” – C. Wigren

How you can help CPeace during this crisis:

Like many small nonprofits, we are at a challenging inflection point. Unlike many nonprofits with more stable foundation or long-time donor support, our work has relied almost entirely on fee-based, in-person engagement to transform conflict. During this time of social distancing, we need society’s support and connections to survive the financial hardships that have come with this global health crisis. If you are in a position to help and you value our mission and impact, please kindly consider supporting us in one of the following ways:.

  1. Give to CPeace! A donation now will help us create positive impacts over the next several months and will also help build a bridge for CPeace to a time when we can regain our financial footing through our proven in-person work. Provisions in the new CARES Act make it even easier to claim deductions on charitable giving!
  2. Give to one of the practitioners in our network! CPeace works with thousands of incredible conservation peacebuilders around the world. By using what they learned from CPeace, they are helping people and wildlife survive this crisis and thrive in the long term. They need your help as well. Contact us directly to discuss their needs and how you can help!
  3. Spread the word! If you know of friends, family, or colleagues in your networks who are looking to support small, vulnerable, but locally and globally impacting non-profits during this crisis, please let them know about CPeace. Whether they care about communities or wildlife or our societies’ ability to function and make decisions together, CPeace is the place where that positive change is happening!
  4. Make connections! If you know of potential clients who may be interested in our web-based capacity building and strategic guidance services, again, please share our information.