By addressing the more elusive and deep-rooted social side of conflict through conservation conflict transformation (CCT), CPeace finds:

  • stakeholders are more receptive to and creatively engage in shared goals
  • polarization of conflict decreases; genuine collaboration increases
  • shared common ground is identified and built upon
  • antagonistic relationships are reconciled
  • commitments to positive change are genuine, shared, and durable.

When these social conditions are created, efforts to address the more tangible evidence of the conservation conflict are more successful and lasting. The tangible evidence of conflicts may include marginalization of communities or groups, one-sided wins and losses, an inequitable balance of power, retaliatory killing of wildlife, poaching, livestock depredation and crop raiding, legal battles, or illegal activities.

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During this time of physical distancing, we are providing more online and remote opportunities to engage with CPeace. Learn more here. The Center for Conservation Peacebuilding operates primarily as a fee-for-service nonprofit organization. CPeace’s services fall into three main categories:

  1. Conflict Interventions – CPeace designs and leads conflict interventions that move parties from intractable conflict to durable, collaborative solutions.
  2. Capacity Building – CPeace builds the capacity of individuals and organizations to transform entrenched conflict among NGOs, governments, community groups, agencies, and other stakeholders. Capacity-building workshops are offered around the world at both ‘fundamentals’ and ‘advanced’ levels.
  3. Strategic Guidance – CPeace helps clients analyze and transform the root causes of systemic social conflict that undermine conservation, communities, and coexistence.

Interested in bringing CPeace’s conservation conflict transformation expertise to your project or organization? Please contact us for more information on fees, options, and opportunities!

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Who We Work With

The Center for Conservation Peacebuilding supports the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of constituents and clients, including wildlife conservationists, livestock producers, hunters, government agencies or ministries, local communities, residents, ranchers, farmers, wildlife and animal advocates, industry, researchers, and others. As a Third Party Neutral, the Center for Conservation Peacebuilding works with all stakeholders in any given conflict scenario without bias or preference.

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You can support this groundbreaking work by making a donation. The Center for Conservation Peacebuilding is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thank you!

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